Silicon Valley Regional Communications System (SVRCS)

SVRCS is a NAPCO Project 25-complaint trunked digital communications system using 700 MHz frequency spectrum, currently in use in Santa Clara County. This 30-site system uses a mix of existing government radio sites with some new sites developed to ensure coverage through nearly all of the SVRIA operational area.

Radio sites and dispatch centers are connected through the SVRIA EComm. While SVRCS has been working in limited coverage for several years the final completion of the last phase of the SVRCS was completed in June of 2020 and final acceptance was signed off by SVRIA with the installation vendor completed in September of 2020.

Members and participants of SVRIA have access to the SVRCS for their day-to-day land mobile radio (LMR) needs and the system provides interoperable communications to thousands of public safety and public government users and interoperable communications for mutual aid events, to tens of thousands more in other counties in the San Francisco Bay Area Region.

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