Board of Directors

The 11-person SVRIA Board of Directors provides strategic guidance to staff and the Working Committee, reviews and approves the annual budget, hire the Executive Director and General Counsel, and provide oversight of SVRIA activities.  Each Board member has a designated alternate.

The Board consists of the following elected and appointed officials:

  • Russ Melton; Chair; City of Sunnyvale City Council Member; Representing the Santa Clara Cities Association
  • Karen Hardy; Vice-Chair; City of Santa Clara Council Member; Representing the cities of Milpitas, Santa Clara and Sunnyvale
  • Mike Wasserman; Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors; Representing the County of Santa Clara
  • Laurie Smith; Santa Clara County Sheriff; Representing the County of Santa Clara
  • Peter Leroe-Munoz; City of Gilroy Mayor Pro Tempore; Representing the cities of Morgan Hill and Gilroy
  • Hung Wei; City of Cupertino City Council Member: Representing the cities of Campbell, Cupertino, Monte Sereno, Saratoga and the Town of Los Gatos
  • Chappie Jones; City of San Jose Vice Mayor; Representing the City of San Jose
  • Pam Foley; City of San Jose City Council Member representing the City of San Jose
  • Richard Bertalan; VTA Chief Information Technology Officer; Representing VTA
  • Rich Constantine; City of Morgan Hill Mayor; Representing VTA
  • Lydia Kou; City of Palo Alto Vice Mayor; representing the Northwest County Cities of Palo Alto, Mt. View and Los Altos


  • Otto Lee, Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors; Alternate Representing Santa Clara County
  • Matthew Hudes, Town of Los Gatos Council Member; Santa Clara Cities Association Alternate
  • Jon Willey, City of Cupertino Council Member; Alternate to Hung Wei
  • Sylvia Arenas, City of San Jose Council Member; Alternate to Chappie Jones
  • Raul Peralez; City of San Jose Council Member; Alternate to Pam Foley
  • Lisa Matichak; City of Mountain View Council Member; Alternate to Lydia Kou

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Working Committee

The authority delegates to the 13-person SVRIA Working Committee, pursuant to Government Code Section 6508, certain powers related to program development, policy formulation and program implementation. In support of these responsibilities the Working Committee reviews and recommends the annual budget and work plan to the Board of Directors.

The Working Committee consists of the following appointed officials:

  • Andy Smith; Chair; SJPD Interoperability Communication Manager; Representing the City Manager’s Office, City of San Jose
  • Brian Glass; Assistant Fire Chief: Representing the County Executive’s Office, Santa Clara County
  • Brian Loventhal; City Manager, City of Campbell; Representing the Santa Clara County & City Managers Association
  • Ed Shikada; City Manager, City of Palo Alto; Representing the Santa Clara County & City Managers Association
  • Trisha Adcock; Director, Santa Clara County Communications
  • Ruben Torres; City of Santa Clara Fire Chief; Representing the Santa Clara Fire Chiefs Association
  • Pedro Espinoza; City of Gilroy Police Chief; Representing the County Police Chiefs Association
  • Nicole Frazier; Senior Technologist, City of Palo Alto Police Department; Committee Member at Large
  • Joey McDonald; Communications Operations Manager, City of Santa Clara Police Department; Committee Member at Large
  • Michael Wodnick; City of San Jose Fire Department Communications Division Manager; Representing City Manager’s Office, City of San Jose
  • Judy Maloney; City of Los Altos Communications Manager; Representing the Santa Clara Public Safety Communications Managers Association
  • Kenneth Blackwell; Technology Manager; VTA Representative
  • Randeep Sangha; Transportation Superintendent-Service Management; VTA Representative

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